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According to the need of every project, a team of professionals is formed to provide technical support at a logistic, analytical, wine making and vine level. Our consultants are highly qualified to provide the best solutions to every customer.

Gabriela Celeste


Director of Eno.Rolland

Is the director of Eno.Rolland and is in charge of the strategy development of every project, wine tracking of customers and vine development of projects located in different regions of Argentina and South America.

CV: Agronomical engineer with specialization in viticulture and oenology. She worked in different wineries in France, Italy and Argentina, managing wine making processes and tracking wines.
Michel Rolland


Founding Partner and consultant

Is a consultant winemaker of numerous projects located in France, Italy, Hungary, India, Chile, Argentina, United States, Spain, South Africa, Croatia, Israel and Bulgaria. He owns diverse châteaux of different appellations in the region of Bordeaux and Bodega Rolland within the complex Clos de los Siete in Vista Flores, Mendoza. In France, he also owns and important analysis and consulting laboratory, and together with his team, they work for more than 500 customers. In Argentina, he is founding partner of Eno.Rolland, which provides services to more than 200 customers all over the country and South America.

Pascal Chatonnet


Founding Partner and consultant

Is a winemaker and doctor of sciences, specialist in interactions between wine and wood as well as prevention and detection of contaminations in wines and cellars, especially by effect of halo anisoles and ethil-phenols. Owner of Château Haut-Chaigneau and founder of Excell laboratory in France, which by using the latest technology, it provides consulting to numerous wineries all over Europe and the world. He is author of several wine publications related to quality and prevention of wine faults. In Argentina, he is founding partner of Eno.Rolland.

Marcelo Canatella


Is an agronomical engineer specialist in viticulture. He worked in important wine projects: He was responsible for the planting and tracking of Clos de los Siete vineyards, and worked as business manager of the center-west district of Argentina of the company John Deere Water (ex Plastro). Currently, he acts as consultant of numerous vineyards and collaborates with Eno.Rolland by tracking the estates of his customers as well as the estates of Michel Rolland in Argentina.

Hernán Ochoa


Is a bromatologist with expertise in physical and chemical analysis of wine, musts and control of the grape maturity. He has been part of work teams focused on quality control attending to different wine and vineyard workshops and conferences.

Emilio Bergui


Is a biochemic technitian dedicated to the physical, chemical and microbiologic analysis of wines, control of grape maturity and must analysis. He has attended to training workshops of microbiologic analysis and analytical techniques given by Excell laboratory.

Lorena Rivarola


Is and administrative employee and assistant in delivering analytical results of the laboratory. She is responsible for the billing and collection of Eno.Rolland, together with the accounting firm LH y Asociados. She also assists in the logistics of every project.


We work for every wine project of diverse nature and scale including all the links of the chain
(from the field selection to the consumer).

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